Sara Siân

Sara is an exclusive and well-established artist based in South Africa. Africa changed Sara’s creative focus as an artist and her love of African wildlife and its people is a theme that naturally comes through. “A need to convey the ‘raw’ beauty and emotion of my subject matter is my main aim”, says Sara. “It is important to me that my work connects with people in some shape or form”.

 “I want people to feel the intensity and emotion that I am trying to convey in each piece of artwork…to experience the soul of each individual creation.”

Kioni (‘She Who Sees Beyond’)

Charcoal, acrylic & gold leaf on canvas

600mm x 600mm

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Behind the Scenes with Sara


The Process:

Sara works mainly in oils, charcoal adding mixed media such as inks, pastel, fabric and gold leaf depending on what the particular piece of artwork calls for.


“I love the intensity and ‘mood’ of charcoal – how it creates loose, free marks but can also be used for detailed renderings.


I also enjoy using mixed media – adding textures and marks that add interest and another dimension to each piece. Oils on the other hand offer freedom to remove and rework and can be very expressive if used loosely. Oil colours are rich and there is a real feeling of luster and tactility to an oil painting.


I usually always start with a number of charcoal sketches before commencing with a new work, this gets me a real feel for the subject in question. I then sketch up some ideas in my sketchbook for layout and composition before commencing with a rough outline in charcoal directly on the canvas. The next stage depends on what the planned end result is – if it is to be a charcoal piece then the initial sketch slowly needs to be built up until it is a finished piece. If it is to be an oil work then I will fix the charcoal and commence with the paint and other mediums to be used”.



The End Result: 

Always female, Sara’s portraits capture the essence, sensuality and inner ‘Goddess’ that she feels all women inherently possess – regardless if it is exuded as bold defiance or a quiet inner calm, it is there nonetheless. There is often emphasis on the eyes in a piece – which Sara feels is an important element in capturing the story of an individual.


“I want people to feel the intensity and emotion that I am trying to convey in each piece of artwork… for them to admire the beauty but to also experience the soul of each individual creation”.



“My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected…” (Anna M. Uhlich).